Ernest Ray Everett was born in the heart of Blues and Rock music in a small town called Brandon, Mississippi. His songs and performances have thrilled the hearts of many people all over the world.

Starting at the early age of four, his passion for music became his ambition. Taking classical piano and voice lessons, playing with various bands and taking on projects such as charity concerts or church organized events were an everyday thing which spread throughout his entire life sharing stages with well-known Country Music artists such as Faith Hill, Paul Overstreet, Lonestar, Mark Chesnutt, Daryl Singletary, Andy Griggs, Asleep at the Wheel and many more.

Through live experience and studio recordings of his own music and endless numbers of concerts, he has become one of Europe´s most popular entertainers and has recorded three solo CDs, the latest being “Sky High” in the summer of 2010. It entered the independent charts, and was in the charts for over 35 weeks with several songs from the new album. The new music is powerful, soothing, emotional - all rolled into one listening pleasure.

Ernest encourages his audience to forget their worries while listening to his music, to open up and let the music warm and bring joy to their hearts and souls. “There is nothing better than to know that one of my songs touched someone’s heart!”

He would be happy to welcome you to one of his many live performances. You can contact him via e-mail at ernesteverett@t-online.de





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